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Walter Vieira

Walter Vieira

Specialized in marketing in Asia
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Walter Vieira has been described by Philip Kotler (the world’s guru on ‘Marketing’) as one of ‘the best speakers on Marketing in Asia, and perhaps world wide.’

Walter is a Certified Management Consultant; and a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants of India. He has been in the practice of management consultancy since 1975 (32 years) when he set up the first marketing consultancy company in India. He was awarded the Life time Achievement Award in 2005.

He earlier worked in

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Walter Vieira has been described by Philip Kotler (the world’s guru on ‘Marketing’) as one of ‘the best speakers on Marketing in Asia, and perhaps world wide.’

Walter is a Certified Management Consultant; and a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants of India. He has been in the practice of management consultancy since 1975 (32 years) when he set up the first marketing consultancy company in India. He was awarded the Life time Achievement Award in 2005.

He earlier worked in senior positions in Glaxo, Warner Lambert & Boots for 14 years, when he left as Marketing head for India – and concurrently General Manager for Boots, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. He was responsible for some of the most successful launches in the pharmaceutical industry.

Walter has been consultant in marketing and training to many of the largest corporations in India – The A V Birla Group (textiles, cement, aluminum); Tatas (IT, cosmetics, consumer, chemicals; Mafatlal (textiles); Levers; BASF; Bayer; Hoechst; Philips et al and organizations in USA, Middle East; Africa, South East Asia. He has covered a broad canvas from Industrial products to FMCG.

Walter is the only speaker to be invited to address three consecutive World Congress of Management Consultants in Rome, Yokohama and Berlin.

Walter has the distinction of writing the longest running column ‘Executive Career path’ for Business World (India). He has published over 700 articles in the Business & General press. He has written 11 books – some of them best sellers – translated into Chinese and Indonesian and 3 books in collaboration with Prof. C. Northcote Parkinson of Parkinson’s Law fame.

He has been active in social marketing – and has been ‘probono’ consultant to Cancer Aid Society; World Wildlife Fund for Nature; Consumer Education & Research Centre; The Workshop for Mentally Challenged Women – among others.

He has been the President of the Institute of Management Consultants of India (1986-1991); the Founder/Chairman of Asia Pacific Conference of Management Consultants; and the first Asian to be elected Chairman of the 42-country world apex body of management consultants (ICMCI) International Council of Management Consulting Institutes.

Walter has been Visiting Professor since 1989 at the Kellogg Business School, N W University, USA; and has lectured at Cornell; Drexel; Brady; NYU; URI; Lake Forest – in USA; Boston College, Zaragoza, Spain and many other business schools in Asia.

Walter has straddled the space between business and academia – and shares his vast experience with students and peers, to help make this a better world!

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Cover van The New Professional Salesman

The New Professional Salesman


The New Professional Salesman is a sequel to Successful Selling - a popular, handy book on selling widely read in India over the past ten years. The book is written in Walter Vieira's inimitable style - simple, lucid, with a sense of humour - all making for easy reading. The New Professional Salesman covers a broad canvas - in the context of globalisation, technology and changing concepts of loyalty in the 21st century. The book includes case studies, questions and points to ponder after every chapter which can be the starting point for further reading-and more for further thinking! This book is especially important for sales professionals who are not inclined to read serious tomes on the subject of their profession. It will fill a great need for companies with large field forces (pharma, FMCG; consumer durables, engineering) or even small ones who can buy a copy for every salesperson and effectively provide a full training program for the cost of a day's travel allowance.

Cover van The New Sales Manager

The New Sales Manager


The second edition of The New Sales Manager is an enormously useful book that provides practical advice and a sound foundation in sales management to young managers. Sales Managers occupy an important position in an organization; they are not merely outstanding salesmen. Most companies, however, tend to overlook this important distinction. This book covers the entire range of functions of a sales manager. It has been thoroughly revised and includes plenty of illustrations, real-life anecdotes and caselets, which give an insight into the changes in the current business environment. The author provides a thorough understanding of each of the following areas as critical elements in the new world of sales management: - Communication - The use of technology - Networking - Managing time - Selecting and recruiting salespersons - Morale and motivation - Appraising and developing salespersons - The role of governance

Cover van Manager to CEO

Manager to CEO


This is an intelligent manager's guide to understanding and surviving in the corporate environment. Filled with practical tips, insightful discussions and advice, the book provides a new perspective on progress, competition, change and many other work-life issues. Chapters cover: power and politics in the workplace; managing self as well as teams; hiring and retaining good people; creating and managing change; dealing with people at all levels; ethics, values and failure; and thinking beyond one's career and creating a work-life balance.

Cover van The Winning Manager

The Winning Manager


The author of this volume pulls together his decades of experience as a business consultant to draw up a step-by-step progression of corporate life. He discusses: the concept of a career design, choosing the correct employer and adjusting to a new environment; people skills; mentorship and its importance in growth and success in a corporate environment; the value of lifelong learning, open communication and time management; and communication skills, decision-making, creativity and ethics in an organizational framework.

Emory, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Jeff Rosensweig


Thanks for being a superb distinguished visiting lecturer at Emory University. I admire your wisdom and global business experience."

Goizueta Business School, Emory University

Diana C Robertson Ph.D., Associate Professor, Organization & Management

"Dear Walter,

Thank you for speaking to my Ethics in Business class. Your talk came at the perfect moment in time. At this point in the course, we had addressed individual business ethics issues, and also the responsibility of multinational corporations operating overseas. However, until you spoke to us, we had not discussed issues of how cultures shape perspectives on ethics. Your talk was able to weave the themes of cultural differences and ethics together in a thoughtful and thoroughly interesting manner.

When I asked the students for their comments on the class, students uniformly said that it was fascinating! They enjoyed your stories and the messages conveyed in the stories. During the class session after yours, students alluded back to your examples, citing parallels between the case we were discussing that day (Levi Strauss in China) and Pepsi's relations to the community.

I am most grateful for your contribution, and hope there will be further opportunities to work with you. I also hope to travel to India one day!"

Long & Vickers Inc.

Carl D. Long

"Dear Walter,

Thank you so much for being willing to speak to our Chapter. It was a big hit with those attending judging from all the comments I heard afterward. I hope you have a safe and pleasant trip back to India."

Sistema consulting gmbh

Dr. Heinrich W. Ahlemeyer

"Dear Dr. Vieira,

As a participant of the workshop on marketing, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for the fascinating presentation you gave at the latest World Congress of Management Consultants in Berlin. I enjoyed it immensely, both for the rich cognitive substance and for the convincing and authentic manner in which you communicated the message. You contributed immensely to making this global conference a success in my view. Thank you.

I hope for possibly another encounter with you sometime and remain."


Ole Hinz

"Dear Walter,

As I said to you, I was certainly very inspired by the points you made on the conference in Berlin, and I have discussed them with my daughter who eventually may want to join me in my company KIO A/S.

Don't hesitate to call me, if you plan to go to Scandinavia."

Afribank International Limited

ngozi chuks-okeke

"Dear Prof Vieira,

How are you? Sorry to have taken so long to get in touch. I've been on vacation and my pc at home is not connected to the Internet. Hope you had a nice trip back to India.

Hope you have not forgotten the face. Ngozi at the last workshop at IITA Ibadan. It was a wonderful experience. The books too. I'm enjoying every line immensely.

Looking forward to seeing you again. Regards to your family.

We are proud of you!"


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