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René Boender

René Boender

Great Opportunities
Languages : English, Dutch

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Some people call him a "Brand booster". Others call him a "Brain agent", or a "Creator". But even more significantly, all of them call him "Visionary" René; Boender's professional domain is the world. He has spread his magic seeds of wisdom and humour from Orlando to Perth, New York to Cape Town, Lisbon to Milan, Davos to Washington DC and Dubai to Willemstad. His work as Trendteller has been just as diverse as his travel — involved in brands ranging from Sara-Lee to Philips, Apple to

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Some people call him a "Brand booster". Others call him a "Brain agent", or a "Creator". But even more significantly, all of them call him "Visionary" René; Boender's professional domain is the world. He has spread his magic seeds of wisdom and humour from Orlando to Perth, New York to Cape Town, Lisbon to Milan, Davos to Washington DC and Dubai to Willemstad. His work as Trendteller has been just as diverse as his travel — involved in brands ranging from Sara-Lee to Philips, Apple to Albron, Luminex to Disney, Coca-Cola to ING and projects ranging from Dreamworks (film AND TV) to Amusement parks. And the exciting thing is — the word is getting out! René is very much in demand as a participant on (inter)national symposia and is a guest lecturer at universities! He is also one of the keynote 'Drivers' and 'Participants' of the prestigious 'Ootlook'. René Boender isn't a fountain of ideas, he's a veritable gusher. A guru who knows what it takes. He inspires many global captains of industry in one-on-one sessions and knows how strike just the right chord with (BtB) consumers. He keeps track of virtually everything, and believes everything stands or falls through the power of communication. As you share time with him, you will find that he not only explains what 'Was', but — even more importantly — what will B-B-B-B

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René Boender does not consider Utopia to be unlikely

Al Gore may have got the science wrong - but he knows how to create a splash!

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''How men can learn from women''

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Cover van Great to Cool

Great to Cool

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Egg Farmers of Ontario

Carolynne Griffith

"I want to say 'Thank You Thank You Thank you' so much for a 'cliff hanger' of a presentation at the Marriott on March 25. You received all 5 star ratings from the producers who filled in their evaluation forms. It was truly the most 'eggceptional' presentation ever given at any of our meetings. As an industry we will certainly try to implement many of your suggestions as we endeavour to sell more eggs more often. Thanks again."

Luminex Europe

Paul Ladestein, Director European Operations

"René Boender, your brain cells will change color during his talk."

Sara Lee Foods AMEA

Peter Doodeman, CEO & President

"He puts your company upside down and up again. René makes difficult easy... it’s the fast track to get more success and innovations."


Charlie Bell

"He makes the sun shine out of the mud. Let rain feel as liquid sunshine. He can make you fly. Not only for a moment. His voice is felt throughout the company for a long time. Wow... what a motivator!"


David E. Karr, President Comfortaire Corporation

"I want to thank you for the time, energy and creativity that you shared with us!

I will admit that when my team said they had met a marketing “guru” and wanted to bring him to Greenville, I was not overly impressed. So, I was prepared for “another day of mediocrity” but as it turned out I was blessed with one of the best, most energizing days that I’ve ever experienced in business. You brought marketing alive in a way that I’ve not heard from others and I believe it is because you live it every day so that it is real, not a bunch of words. What was most impressive was that you brought an action plan for us to follow…not just a bunch of ideas. An action plan integrated into stimulating and actionable ideas was a gift for us. Your breadth of experience with high impact companies allows you to bring life to your presentation. I will honestly tell you that I look forward to working with you in the future .Thank you again for everything that you gave to us."



'The world is changing; are you changing, too?' is the title and question of a lecture given by international marketing maven extraordinaire René Boender, and he asked that question to a number of Aruba's top business people on Thursday afternoon, September 4, during a special presentation sponsored by RBTT Bank at the Renaissance Convention Center.

Some may remember Jerry Della Famina, who became something of a celebrity when he and his cohorts turned Madison Avenue topsy-turvy in the 1960's and 70's and he authored the bestselling book 'From those Wonderful Folks who gave you Pearl Harbor'. René is this generation's advocate of creative thinking in marketing and advertising, and a well-versed advisor to the world's top companies of how to make the most of the tools that are now available. One of these, of course, is the Internet, but most importantly is the 'Big E', -- energy, which if encouraged in a company's marketing people, will infuse their ideas and campaigns. René is also a great believer in women in business and important positions: 'If you present something to a man, they will talk about it,' he asserts, 'if you ask a woman, they will DO.' In his opinion, '(Wo)men make the world! - and ICT,' (information and communication technology.)

In a wonderfully stimulating and entertaining presentation, he enlightened some of Aruba's most influential executives, and it is his hope, stimulated them to more originality in their marketing tactics. Described as a 'Brand Booster, Brain Agent and Trend Teller,' Ted Turner of CNN says of him 'even more significantly, all of them call him 'Visionary' - René Boender's professional domain is the world'

Boender is a great believer in the use of humor to market one's product, and taking advantage of today's tools, such as YouTube, both of which are available to any marketing manager at little or no cost. He interspersed his presentation with several hilarious and creative examples that easily can now be seen on the Internet; two notables from a restaurant in London and a lip balm from New York that were made on a tiny budget, played on Youtube for no cost, were viewed by millions, and rocketed the companies they represented to instant success. 'The good news is... you don't need an enormous budget' as these examples show, 'you need ROI-return on ideas.'

A ninety-minute presentation packed with superlative ideas and information is difficult to present in the limited space of the printed page of THE NEWS, but here are some worthy highlights. Regarding the Caribbean, René advised investigating China as a customer, where they have 'tons of money and are ready to spend.' This should interest Aruban business people considering that the Annual Business Forum of the Greater Caribbean 2008 is about to take place in Aruba on September 22 to 25, and organizers confirm trade delegates from China will attend.

Moreover, René advises those wishing to succeed in a highly competitive global market filled with 'me too's' or imitators, they consider these following factors of 'today's reality' and 'keys to success.'

  1. The digital lifestyle is rewriting the rules of marketing
  2. Time compression is changing the evaluation of mankind (people are becoming increasingly 'cash rich' but 'time poor')
  3. Generation X-tasy is fostering an extravagant mindset
  4. Unwired is recasting the mobile phone as the 'appliance' of the future
  5. Voyeurgasm (no, that is not a misspelling-ed) is reshaping future media.

The last original 'Boenderism' signifying that one must present a multimedia marketing experience to your audience that stimulates and satisfies their perception and intellect. 'You have to create a story,' he asserts, 'You have to inspire your audience.' Keeping these points in mind, and also the idea of letting your marketing department have fun, encourage them to exercise their creatively, and not constrain them with constant reminders of keeping to budget. 'The problem is not to get new innovative thoughts into your mind -but to get the old ones out! Remarkable visions and genuine insights are always met with resistance; forces for mediocrity will align to stop you! Persist! Don't give up, go for it!' This was the first such seminar that RBTT Bank arranged for their elite clientele, and RBTT President Edna Farro was very pleased with the presentation, which created quite an excited buzz during the social hour afterwards, when the bank hosted a wine and cheese soiree for their guests. Marketing Manager Robert Moons informs that RBTT General Manager Perrot Hurtado had attended a presentation by Boender, and felt it was something they should bring to their customers, rather than usual events they schedule during the year to reward them for their business, and RBTT executives report they are very pleased with their choice.

For those that missed this wonderfully stimulating presentation, Boender will be back in the region in January as the keynote speaker for the annual business dinner of the Curacao Chamber of Commerce, and welcomes challenges, which he dubs 'mind candy,' to which he can turn his acute, informed and original thinking, along with his energy and enthusiasm, which appear boundless."

at Leaders Live

M.R. Bloomberg

"Most people come for the stars, the big names. But it is better to listen to the producers of the stars. The ones that makes them shine. That's what happened to the audience here in New York! René Boender is game, set and match in one energetic movement. His inspiring humour, know-how and the feeling that everyone can do it (what he just said) made me and everyone tick!"

Minister President Nederlandse Antillen

Emily de Jong-Elhage

"René Boender inspires and affirms you with his intelligence, authenticity, positive humour, depth and most of all compassion. He makes difficult issues easy to understand! And spreads his insights and energy to go for it."

Harvard Summer Summit

prof. dr. Gregory Briggs

"If you want to discover how to build world beating innovations and brands, you have to follow René Boender‘s groundbreaking keynote! It’s challenging, creative, energetic, fun, rigorous but also pragmatic…"

JAM Group France

Jean-François Teillet, CEO

"Fabulous! Let me underline the great pleasure I have had to meet you and to attend to your conference speech in Miami, on the 26th of October."

Procter & Gamble R&D

Sergio Barbarino, Principal Engineer

"René. You have done an amazing job. Thank you for your great help! You have really inspired us."

at NGEF Monaco

Mike Ferrier

"René, You were voted (again!) the best speaker. Congratulations!"

NGEF Monaco

Mike Ferrier, Managing Director/IUM Professor

"René Boender came to Monaco like Julius Caesar. Veni, Vidi, Vici. He came. He talked. He conquered. And all reactions were electric. Even Prince Albert’s!

René Boender was the key-note speaker at this year’s NGEF Conference organized annually by the University of Monaco. The NGEF invited famous entrepreneurs (Like Easy Jet Stelios, Philip Green etc) to encourage students from all over Europe to become entrepreneurs and learn from those who made it.

René was the opening thunderstorm that created the wave that allowed the media and us to claim this year's Forum as the best ever.

Students are used to listening to lectures and professors. They are hard to impress. René enthused, amused and bemused. The students and Monaco business angels had never seen anything like it.

At least 25% of the delegates e mailed him afterwards - a Forum record. René replied to them all and is actively helping at least six develop their ideas.

He sure knows how to work up a crowd and make it happen…."

Japan Innovation Summit

Professor A. Tsuroka

"Dear Mr. Boender, on behave off all the attendees at the innovation summit, we like to thank you for your energy and innovation insights.

It was beyond our expectations. We are honoured to tell you that you are the first keynote speaker ever who reached the ‘kaizen’ status. We hope that you are able to visit us next year again!"

USA innovations Washington

Craig B. Stevens

"In the 9 years that I know and have heard René Boender’s stories about marketing, innovation and trends to the next level, we jumped to the conclusion that René has changed the keynote game forever. He makes it magic! His challenging style and inspired ideas make you fly. He continues to confirm the ’brain-agent’ title: the best keynote speaker for the 8th year in a row. Congratulations!"


Toomas Tamsar, CEO

"Thank you once again for your presentation in Pärnu, René. People were delighted! Your contibution was really very important at the 15th annual Estonian Leadership Conference in Pärnu. The audience had been spoilt by the numerous world class speakers before. René Boender still managed to make them ’wow’. His cases were well chosen and he kept a very good dynamics (very energetic and humorous) all through the presentation. A great wake-up call for managers."

Andres Jõesaar, Head of content services Tele2 Eesti AS

"René, thank you once more for the very good emotional and inspiring presentation you made at Pärnu Juhtimiskonverentsid. This was like a fresh air and bright light into the old conservative warehouse!"

Kenneth I. Chenault Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, American Express

"Dear René, your speech was outstanding and breathtaking. You gave a Dutch Treat in International Marketing and Innovation a complete new meaning. As you can understand we are spoiled with all the keynotes(from former US presidents, Tom and Seth, and all the TED stuff) that we have had over the last couple of years! But you made it. Only a few people scored in the way you did. Thanks for your IQ & EQ To The Next Level keynote."

Leadership Development program USA

Patricia Reid

Dear René, wow, Sometimes opportunities come gift wrapped.
In the case of Great to Cool and your keynote, that was the case. You are so bulls eye, spot on.
We needed inspiration, intellectual stimulation and most off all fresh perspective to see everything in a new context.
Thanks you for your great attribution at this summit. I call it Appleism

Barcelona Innovation Event

Dex Donovan

Dear René, It was a big surprise to have you as a keynote performer.
Great to Cool is really written for performance. And engineered for success.
Unlike most management books, Great to Cool (and your keynote) sells you more than sleekly designed marketing
tricks. Great to Cools energizes a way of life and a way of being!

Stanley K.

It's easy to get impatient on your quest to be the best. After reading Great to Cool and visiting René’s keynote, I felt pumped up and ready for action! And then you wake up the next morning and things are pretty much the same! Until you feel the sweet brain candy is doing its work again (and again). When you're impatient and want to shake things up, you simply read it again and you start to change your business life! Thank you René, Great to Cool is an attitude!

Reid Miami Summit

Columbia University at We’ll2013

Professor Dickson Despommier

"René, You have the gift of insight into science and human behaviour and a great sense of humour to go with it. A very rare combination! I would be honoured to share the stage with you again, anytime, anywhere!"

Trailer René C.W. Boender - The World Is Changing. How About You? - by
Trailer René C.W. Boender - The World Is Changing. How About You? - by
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