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Peter Hinssen

Peter Hinssen

Managing Partner
Languages : English, Dutch

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Peter Hinssen is one of Europe’s esteemed thought leaders in the field of technology and its impact on business life and society. His focus is on the consumer adoption of technology, on the impact of the networked digital society, and on the Fusion between Business and IT. Peter collaborates with organizations in the areas of IT Strategy, Transformation, Fusion and Coaching, in Europe as well as in North America.

Peter Hinssen is co-founder of Across Group and CEO of Across Technology.

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Peter Hinssen is one of Europe’s esteemed thought leaders in the field of technology and its impact on business life and society. His focus is on the consumer adoption of technology, on the impact of the networked digital society, and on the Fusion between Business and IT. Peter collaborates with organizations in the areas of IT Strategy, Transformation, Fusion and Coaching, in Europe as well as in North America.

Peter Hinssen is co-founder of Across Group and CEO of Across Technology. An entrepreneur, lecturer and writer, he is also the former chairman of Porthus and has been an Entrepreneur in Residence with McKinsey & Company. In the Nineties, Peter Hinssen was founder and CEO at e-COM Interactive, a leading Internet consultancy firm, where he implemented some of the first large-scale Internet and e-commerce projects in Europe.

Peter is currently involved as a coach to executives to develop future innovation perspectives, and is a board advisor on subjects related to innovation and IT. He develops executive education workshops and awareness sessions to bridge business challenges with IT solutions, and to leverage the innovation potential of IT. He lectures on IT Strategy at various business schools in Europe such as London Business School (UK), TiasNimbas Business School (Netherlands) and Vlerick Management School (Belgium). Peter is a passionate keynote speaker frequently welcomed at Global CIO forum and conferences around the world.

  • Thought Leadership Peter Hinssen is a much sought-after speaker for congresses, conferences and symposia. Over the past few years he has given more than 700 readings to a wide variety of audiences. Full of enthusiasm he captivates his audience with highly convincing speeches concerning the most important evolutions in the world of IT and business IT Fusion. More generally, Peter reflects on technology as a major driver of change, particularly in business innovation but also in society at large. Hinssen’s keynote speeches elaborate on various topics in the field of Technology: trends; impact of Web 2.0 and subsequent stages in this digital revolution; IT organizations of the future and the changing role of CIOs and IT professionals; IT marketing and communications; the relationship between CFO and CIO; and how HRM could be a major partner in the fusion process of IT in the business.  
  • Web 2.0 After the turbulent internet years, the collapse of the bubble was ear-deafening. However, 5 years after the crash, the internet is more alive than ever before. Most of the wild ideas that were criticized during the internet hype are back, and stronger than ever. With the abundance of bandwidth, the advent of new devices (from the ubiquitous blackberry to interactive digital television), the emergence of strong new players (such as Google), the world suddenly seems to be experiencing the internet years all over again. How can companies embrace this new web 2.0 revolution, what’s different, and how can we learn from our previous mistakes to make the right choices in this new, faster than ever, web 2.0 world?  
  • The Impact of the Digital Society The future of things to come. Technology has been transforming our lives. We’ve experienced the death of distance. We’ve done CRM, we’ve done e-Business, we’ve integrated all, but are we really delivering value to customers? What are the new challenges in bringing value to customer intimacy, how can we get even closer to building long-term relationships with customers in the future? A trip to the future of things to come in the value chain towards the customer. What will the digital society look like, how will the digital natives act, think and live? And above all, how can us ‘digital immigrants’ learn to live in a truly digital society?  
  • Digital revolution on Financial Services Markets No industry is more affected by the impact of the digital revolution than the financial services markets. Maybe the financial services markets actually started a great deal of the digital revolutionary shift by promoting home-banking and phone-banking in the eighties. Today, the very foundations of the financial markets are being affected by the digitisation of society. Where are we heading? What are the right choices? How will banks and insurance companies cope with the 2.0 generation, and how will financial institutions cope to survive and flourish in the digital future?  
  • Digital revolution on Healthcare The healthcare industry has always been the industry that has been difficult to change because the proximity between supply and demand for healthcare has been highly regulated and controlled. But that is about to change, drastically. The relationship between patients and doctors, hospitals, healthcare providers, but also drug companies is changing at light speed pace because of the digital revolution. How will the healthcare industry evolve after the 2.0 tsunami has crashed? What will be the true impact of the digital revolution on healthcare, and what opportunities are out there to exploit?  
  • IT 2.0 The internet is going through a revival called web 2.0, but isn’t it time that we transformed the role of IT in organisations as well? IT has never been more important to organisations, yet a lot of companies are still managing IT for cost, and not for innovation. IT is no longer just the facilitator of electronic data processing; it is more and more playing the role of innovator, and showing how companies can excel at transforming themselves. IT can become the innovative transformational change leaders within companies. How can this happen? How can IT turn itself into a leading role in the organisation?  
  • Towards IT Leadership Companies that want to make Business IT Alignment really succeed have to work on more skills than just technical competence and governance frameworks. Aligning business and IT is not an easy task, and in recent years most IT organisations have significantly added ‘hard’ approaches to the subject, by implementing IT Governance frameworks, changing the IT organisation, and by professionalizing the IT business. But today, IT can transform itself from a Utility function to being business Enablers, by focusing on the ‘soft’ skills to transform the relationship with business. How can IT use these soft skills (communication, marketing, attitude, leadership) to transform itself into a leading position?  
  • Building momentum for Business & IT Alignment Building a momentum for speed in Business and IT alignment: the relationship between business and IT has never been under more stress. Companies are forced to respond more quickly than ever before, due to ever changing market circumstances, and are demanding more agility, flexibility and speed from their IT and IM departments. How can IT really blend with their business counterparts, and build a momentum for alignment?  
  • The future of Enterprise Content Management Today, Document management and Web Content management markets are merging into "Enterprise Content Management". It encompasses creation, management and publication of corporate content in all its forms: documents stored as blobs, as well as XML files, relational database systems or repositories for document components. Also niche activities such as digital asset management, Product Information Management and source control are branded as ECM. The common goal of these activities is to make content creation show a higher return, and to improve productivity of information workers. What is the future of ECM? How can organisations leverage ECM to its fullest extent?
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Cover van The new normal

The new normal

Welcome to the New Normal: IT and the Internet have completely altered traditional communication in the healthcare industry. Patients are looking for information coming from a wide range of sources. Products and experiences are being discussed on the internet and shared across social media platforms.


UCB is one of the first biopharma companies to acknowledge IT as core to its business strategy and to let the patient take the lead in the online conversation. This book is about the trend spotting and creative thinking needed to prepare ourselves for the world of possibilities awaiting us in the big ocean of the New Normal. Talking about the digital society could soon make you sound old and out of date - such is the pace of change. Advancement in technology is creating a 'new normal' where relationships with consumers are increasingly in a digital form. Businesses need to reinvent themselves to create new interactive business models. Technology is no longer an enabler. It has become a game-changer. Don't even think for a moment that we have arrived in the Digital World. We're probably, at best, halfway. This isn't a discussion about the glass being half-full or half-empty. The past 25 years were about technology getting into the hands of consumers. The next 25 years will see consumers, young and old, making technology part of everyday life. Digital has become the New Normal. An entrepreneur, advisor, lecturer and writer, Peter Hinssen (1969) is one of Europe's most sought-after thought leaders on the impact of technology on society and business. He is frequently called upon to lead seminars and consult on issues related to the adoption of technology by consumers, the impact of the networked digital society, and the Fusion between business and IT.

Cover van Business/It Fusion

Business/It Fusion

There is a fundamental dilemma in the world of IT: the technical challenges and opportunities have never been greater, but at the same time the role of IT and the role of the CIO has never been questioned more.


The relationship between business and IT is in many companies at an all-time low. The model of Alignment that we've pursued for more than 20 years in IT doesn't work anymore. It's time for change. It's time for a radical change in the relationship between business and IT. It's time for Fusion.

InformationWeek Business Technology Network

Brian Gillooly

"Peter Hinssen’s keynote presentation at the InformationWeek 500 Conference in September 2010 on ‘The New Normal’ was described to me by attendees as ‘mind-blowing,’ ‘game-changing,’ and ‘the perfect capstone to this event.’ I’ve worked with Peter on several events and been extremely impressed with his work, but the combination of insight, charisma, and dead-on application of ideas to our event’s theme this time around was the best I’ve seen. His closing keynote took an already successful event and converted the conference into one of those memorable industry moments that I’m sure our attendees will look back on someday and say ‘I was there when…’”

European Commission

Henri Putseys

"Peter has given the "perfect" keynote talk about The New Normal at the ICT 2010 "Bridging the Gap" Conference in Brussels at the European Commission. Given the pace of evolution in technology and the impact of digital society, the alignment gap between Business and IT goes to zero. Peter illustrated The New Normal, visionary and full of passion sometimes in a hilarious but at the same time inspirational and highly educational session. His entertaining keynote was an explosion of mind blowing visual gadgets intermixed with cool ideas. It was, most probably, the best engaging presentation ever given in this large auditorium. Peter 


Luc Missorten

“Peter Hinssen was the keynote speaker at our get-together, an event which we organise on a yearly basis. As wake-up call, Peter’s presentation could count! His futuristic views, creative ideas, eye-opening provocations have been tremendously appreciated by our senior management group. It stimulates us, without any doubt, to think outside the box and to lift the bar. Moreover, Peter’s participation at the Q&A-session allowed our group to dig deeper into issues of particular concern to the media industry. Fantastic presentation, superb entertainment value brought by an excellent speaker. Highly recommended!”

Equens SE

Michel Stuijt

“During an Equens event in the Cards and Payments market Peter gave a sparkling keynote presentation about The New Normal in Financial Markets - the true impact of the digital revolution. He gave the European banks a reflecting insight about their way of dealing with IT (people and daily business) in the payments market. For us it was a brilliant, inspirational way of presenting and creating awareness.”