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Barbara Rogoski

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Barbara Rogoski

Empowering People To Speak in Public with Power and Passion
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  • Presenting like a TEDx speaker
  • Empowering Women through She Speaks with Passion
  • "Speed coaching" for sales teams pitches

Barbara is an executive speaker coach of Fortune 500 companies in Europe and senior TEDx speaker coach with over 135 TEDx speakers coached around the world. She has a strong interest to empower women in the workplace to be more confident in their communication and has created a virtual coaching program called She Speaks with Passion. Her popular speaker tips guide called Boring to Brilliant! A speaker's guide has been called 'the speaker's secret weapon.

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Rev. Barbara Rogoski captivates audiences with her unique combination of passion, empowerment and American style of speaking to train businesswomen who speak in public or in the workplace. She empowers women to believe in their own value, strength and message to share.

Speaking in public is one of the top three fears people have. Barbara offers presentations and coaching to help women understand the ego issues behind these fears, tame them and present with power and grace.

A visionary, humanitarian and role model for young women, Barbara is an ordained interfaith minister who speaks her own truth and is conscious of her mission to empower women to speak their truth and be heard.

With over 20 years of corporate sales and presentation experience in Europe, Barbara is an experienced, polished and entertaining speaker who would add some excitement and feminine style to your next company event.

She has co-authored an inspirational book, called How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth with other well known authors such as Barack Obama, Al Gore and Tony Blair. Barbara presents thought provoking reflections on how we all can achieve a heaven on earth through our own actions.

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Cover van Boring to Brilliant! a Speaker's Guide

Boring to Brilliant! a Speaker's Guide

Boring to Brilliant! A Speaker's Guide is a unique,inspirtional guide for public speakers that offers 101 tips, tools and anecdotes from a highly successful American TEDx speaker coach living in The Netherlands. It is unique because it uses visual imagery association for each tip instead of blah-blah text, plus much more! Barbara Rogoski has coached more than 75 TED speakers, Fortune 500 executives, celebrities, professional speakers and heads of state. What she has done, she can do for you!
Cover van How to achieve a heaven on earth

How to achieve a heaven on earth

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