Speakers Academy®'s added value

  • Speakers Academy® has a transparent pricing policy. Clarity in advance and no hidden costs.
  • Speakers Academy® employs the most experienced team of consultants in the European world of speakers. With a combined experience of over 40 years, we advise our clients on the availability of possible speakers free of charge.
  • Speakers Academy® uses an irreproachable ethical behavior to its customers, employees, suppliers and Faculty Members, resulting in an impeccable reputation and unrivaled payment behavior.
  • Once a booking has been concluded Speakers Academy® will coordinate work meetings, check performance details and optionally evaluate performances that already have taken place.
  • In case of illness and / or force majeure Speakers Academy® guarantees at all times the availability of a replacement speaker or presenter. Of course, always in consultation with the client.
  • Announcements of conferences, seminars or other meetings may be obtained free of charge on our website. (Ask about the features and specifications)
  • Relations of Speakers Academy® receive the free ACADEMY® Magazine and newsletter, with the latest information about developments within our organization and the introduction of new speakers. 
  • The inspiring work environment at the Speakers Academy® headquarters in Rotterdam guarantees optimum professionalism, responsiveness and ensures the highest conceivable level of service.
  • Through our international network Speakers Academy® has access to more than 35,000 speakers.

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