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Speakers Academy® began operations in 1997 and is now the leading institute for professional speakers. With thousands of requests per year, hundreds of thousands of visitors to our website and more than a quarter of a million readers of our ACADEMY® Magazine, Speakers Academy® has acquired a unique position as a leading knowledge institute.

At Speakers Academy® our team of consultants manage the agendas of a variety of speakers, also known as Faculty Members. The numerous Faculty Members with whom Speakers Academy® has a trusted relationship give master classes, moderate debates, host informal luncheons and provide unforeseen lectures. They will address topics as diverse as science, philosophy, politics, European integration, communication, motivation, sustainability, innovation, marketing, sports and adventure, media, IT, futurology, economy, etc.

The lectures of our Faculty Members, who are prominent scientists, politicians, artists, athletes, journalists, top managers and entrepreneurs,  can change your perception of business and enrich your organization beyond measure. For every event, we strive to create an atmosphere where business and knowledge meet in creative harmony. This unveils our mission statement ‘Bringing Knowledge to the World’. Within 24 hours after receiving your request one of our Knowledge Ambassadors will contact you to offer you clarity concerning all your wishes and demands. They will then find the right Faculty Member to fulfill your objectives, whilst meeting your budget.

Our team’s fastidious and professional approach to event planning means you have one less thing to worry about. This efficient approach is made clear to you from the moment you have contacted us.

This has resulted in an unassailable reputation.

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