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Marco van Hout

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Biography of Marco van Hout

Emotion as the key to create better, more enjoyable and meaningful products


  • Design for Emotion – How to understand, measure and integrate emotion into the design process.
  • Get Emotional! – How insights into your customer’s emotional experience will give you a head start in creating true fans for your brand.
  • Web H2.0 – how to reach for the ‘heart’ by designing delightful interfaces.
  • Experience-driven Innovation – How can you innovate by focusing on the experiential characteristics of your product or service?

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  • Joen Pine (about SusaGroup)

    Designing for emotions is key. It means intentionally creating within the individual – staging, orchestrating, choreographing all good verbs for it – a response that triggers feelings beyond rationality. It is certainly an art form today, but the first step toward making it a science is identifying and understanding what emotions current offerings trigger, which is why I am very enamoured with the SusaGroup methodology.

    The Experience Economy

  • Gabriela Olivares

    As organization, which promotes design in many ways, we had the benefit to contact Mr. Marco van Hout two years ago for the passiontour design circuit in Santiago, Chile, named “DES_CUBRE”. In that opportunity we could recognize across his own words the work that Mr. van Hout develops in Europe and many others regions as a common language that we can understand besides the cultural frame in which we are.

    His lecture and workshop, developed in our country, contributed a lot to our academic and professional community most of all. Also the interchange was wealth producing in many aspects and until now we are waiting to repeat the experience as soon as we could. We recommend Mr. van Hout enormously because his exceptional talent and also his kind manner to express his unique knowledge drive to ideal results in the understanding of the global design.

    Passiontour Design

  • Young-ill Kim

    I have known Mr.Van Hout for Several years and had opportunities to be together at numerous Design Conferences and listened his Speeches. He is a very Experienced professional Design expertise and able to point out Design specific Objectives in respecting of global social tendencies and to focus Specific Design Problems and able to suggest Solutions based on his Design Academic Experiences and knowledge with wide spectrums.

    With this Impression, I have arranged for him to be invited to a Design Conference few years ago in korea, organized by SCCP ,one of Samsung Electronic Supplier,and he gave to the Audiences a very impactful Impression. Therefore, I do recommend him without any hesitating to clients of Speakers Academy.

    Leo Motors

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